Hello starshine, the earth says, 'hello!'


I’m wide awake, it’s morning

Quit your narcissism. Not everything is about you


ARTTM’s Wild & Free album is so underrated it hurts.

Takes me back.

It’s coming back

I hear it;

I’m afraid

Rest in peace in dog heaven, where you’re free to run around.

Be happy.


things to do, matters of consequence

cry at night

mull over how no one cares about you,

how no one cares for anyone or any thing

remember the dead cat on the middle of the asphalt road,

skin pressed against rocky edges,

a dead kid—parents not found,

six year old siblings seen

Holding up cardboard signs for change,

working to support


and with smiles on their plasters,

bring up false 

salvations for tomorrow


I;ve spent long years alone, isolated,

flipping yellow pages,

finding anyone who’d talk–old friends,

familiar names i’d come across;

Hanging onto loose ends,

the dead,

no one’s always home, Barricaded front doors

no one misses your voice.

Youth is a green sofa, quiet afternoons,

miserable sundays.

what’s a hundred more?

The whole world’s scum anyway


July in a few days


Lose your temper,

hate yourself for it.